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Our Services


• Career Counseling
• Situational Assessments
• Labor Market Research
• Developing Internships and Work Experience

Job Development

• Developing Job Leads
• Following Up with Employers
• Resume Development
• Interview Prep

Post Employment

• Disability Accommodation Requests
• Training and Skill Development
• Social Security Benefits Analysis
• LTESS - Long Term Retention Support Services


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Keys to Success:



To be successful it helps to know the right people. That’s where our network comes in. We are constantly building connections with local employers and can use our network of contacts to help you get your foot in the door.
Opus can be your personal recruiter.


Skill and Talent

Want to speed up your job search? If you determine what skills and strengths set you apart, then you can target employers that are more likely to call you back. Not sure what makes you unique? We have the tools and services to help you find the answer, including situational assessments, labor market analysis, and career counseling.

Need more experience?
We can help you build your resume and skillset by setting up internships.


Continued Support

Our services don’t end once you get hired. After you start working we can help you be successful in your new job by handling disability accommodation requests, providing support with training and orientation, and assisting with any future issues that might arise.


THE OPUS NETWORK has placed job seekers in a variety of fields, including:

Work from home • Health Care • Business Construction • Warehousing • Engineering • Food Service • Maintenance • Retail Office Administration • Hospitality Transportation • Customer Service Sales • Marketing • Education Government • Manufacturing Information Technology • Inventory Management  • Help Desk

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