Did you know that the majority of individuals receiving disability benefits want to work?

The most ambitious of these individuals come to The Opus Network seeking assistance in returning to the work they love or to embark on a new career. The Opus Network partners with various workforce agencies in central Virginia to help both employers and job seekers find the perfect match.

We are a public resource

Our services are 100% FREE for both employers and job seekers


Pre-screening Candidates

We are able to assist with hiring decisions by providing insight on our clients strengths and weaknesses that would be difficult to ascertain from an interview alone.

Try before you hire

Conducting an unpaid working interview would allow you to try someone out before going through the hiring process (more details available on request).

Employee retention

Opus can provide optional wraparound support to our job seekers once they are employed to ensure that they are successful in meeting their employers standards and remain employed.

Tax Breaks

All of our candidates qualify for tax breaks under the WOTC program

Custom Solutions for small businesses with limited payroll budgets

We can provide free consultation on setting up internships or creating a carved position that would allow you to get the help you need to grow your business.

The Opus Network

has placed job seekers in a variety of fields, including:

• Work from home • Health Care • Business Construction • Warehousing • Engineering • Food Service • Maintenance
• Retail Office Administration • Hospitality • Transportation
• Customer Service • Sales • Marketing • Education
• Government • Manufacturing • Information Technology
• Inventory Management • Help Desk

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